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Induction Heat Treating


Electronic Tool

ISO 9001 Certified
Member of ASM Heat Treating Society
"We are not interested in being the biggest,but the best induction heat treat service provider."


Our Capabilities



We have eleven Induction Heaters and five CNC Scanners with combined output of over a million watts. The frequency range is from 10 khz to 450 khz. Our job rates are up to 2,500 pieces per hour. Whatever your application requires, we have the machine for you. LETA makes material recommendations for new projects and existing parts that are showing wear. We have assisted in many Research and Development projects from reputable customers such as Ford, Chrysler, and Eaton.

Induction Harden Applications

  • Pins and Shafts
  • Fork and Levers
  • Nuts
  • Gears
  • OD and ID spline
  • Balls
  • Screws



  ASM Heat Treating Society  Member of ASM Heat Treating Society